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On this page I will tel you something about my music and if you wish to, you can listen to some videos of my guitars.

I Started playing music when I was some 7 or 8 years old. My dad taught me how to play the guitar. When I was around 12 years old, I started playing in public. In the beginning together with my dad but later on I perfomed solo, singing and accompanying myself on a Spanish guitar.

When I was 19, I changed my Fender Stratocaster for a violin, and my first music love story began. I played the violin some 10 years. At first, mostly classical, but later on I worked a lot with experimental music, playing a highly electrified violin. I reached the point where I played in the conservatoryís symphony orchestra, string orchestras, piano trios etc, and later on I played in several bands and made music for performance art and modern dance. The violin years stopped. I couldn't take the pressure and had problems with my hands.

I bought another electric guitar, and played some years in punk/grunge/garage bands. We made a CD and played a lot of noisy concerts. It was fun but also a bit empty.

Now I'm living my second and maybe last musical love story. The Flamenco. Itís got what I need: Its difficult and full of temper. You need to be very disciplined in order to learn it and there are many possibilities to work with other people.




I have uploaded some videos of myself playing on Youtube. Its simple videos, using the videocams microphone and not editing the sound or picture quality. Also, on youtube, the sound tends to be inferior, but still I find this to be the best way of presenting my guitars because this way you can compare with other youtube recordings and you can see that I actually play the guitars that I play