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Flamenco guitar

When I build a flamenco guitar, my goal is to make an instrument suitable for both traditional and modern flamenco. I work my own bracing system, which I have adjusted over time in order to find the right balance of sound and playability. The result is not only a fast guitar with lots of volume, deep percussive basses and clear bright trebles, but also a guitar with lots of harmonics, making it suitable for both traditional and modern flamenco.

One of the most important factors in a good flamenco guitar, aside from the sound, is the setup: That the guitars angles are correct, that the strings are close to the fingerboard and the soundboard. This last point is one of the most difficult parts in the construction of a flamenco guitar, but since I'm a player myself I consider this to be very important, and do not make any compromises in order to achieve a correct setup. My guitars typically have a setup as follows: 3 - 3.1mm string height above 12th fret.  7.5 - 8mm string height above the soundboard at the bridge and 8 - 8.5mm string height above the soundboard at the sound hole.  This can of course not be duplicated 100% on all guitars, but I stay within plus or minus 1mm.

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Made with:

1st grade wood.

Mediterranean cypress or Indian Rosewood back and sides.

Spruce or Cedar top. 

Handmade rosette.

Indian Rosewood binding, bridge and head plate.

Ebony fingerboard.

French polish.

Gotoh tuners



4800.- Euros

36.000 Dkr




For extras, like other woods, purfling on the back and sides, other tuning machines, special color French Polish etc: contact me.